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The MGM Grand in Las Vegas is currently the world's largest hotel & resort, with 5034 guest rooms. Not only that, but the MGM also has more entertainment venues than any other hotel in all of Las Vegas, which is a great place for families to stay. At night, rows of green neon colored lights shoot vertically from the ground up, all along around the edge of the building, making it look like a modern-day, glow-in-the-dark, Emerald City...and there's a story behind on.

Originally, the MGM was designed to have a "Wizard of Oz" theme. The front entryway next to the lobby was set up so that you were walking into the MGM Lion's mouth. The Lion's eyes were a bright emerald color, and once you entered, you saw The Wizard's magical hot air balloon that contained wax, life-sized models of Dorothy, The Scarecrow, Tinman, and Cowardly Lion. And while Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world, the top guns at MGM misfired on the idea that Las Vegas was going to be like the next "Disneyworld" type of destination. Consequently, MGM had to drop the whole "Oz" theme, because they had so many other hotels on the Las Vegas Strip to contend with, and business wasn't living up to its potential.

As far as accommodations go, the guest rooms are noticeably more luxurious than the typical standard Las Vegas hotel room, and have old MGM movie themes such as "Gond With The Wind" and "Casablanca". And in regards to all of the incredible entertainment we mentioned, no other place in all of Las Vegas has as much to offer. Take "EFX Alive" for example. This award-winning, special-effects musical runs 6 nights each week in The Hollywood Theatre. The huge Grand Garden Arena hosts most of the major musical superstars that come to Las Vegas to perform, and also hosts many major sporting and professional boxing events. And while its true that the "New York, New York" Hotel and Casino is right across the street, you won't find Studio 54 there. That's because the only Studio 54 in Las Vegas is located at the MGM Grand. Its a dynamic recreation of the original disco in New York City that was popular in the late 70's and early 80's, and stays open late until the early morning.

There are two wedding chapels at the MGM Grand, and they are themed to make it seem like its a big-screen event. Leading up to each chapel is a Grand lobby. The chapels are called "The Legacy Chapel" and "The Cherish Chapel", which is the smaller one of the two. The color scheme of each chapel at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas is green foliage and lots of gold and brown, so as to not draw to much attention to the superstars that are getting married. Additionally, weddings can also take place in Studio 54, where the reception is held in the VIP room afterwards.

There is no shortage of restaurants either. Whether your a fan of Emeril "BAM" Lagasse orWolfgang Puck, the MGM Grand is an acclaimed culinary monument in Las Vegas. There are a total of sixteen restaurants in the MGM Grand, including eight fine dining, five casual, and three charming cafes.

And on a personal note, each time we've visited the MGM Grand and played the Majestic Lions dollar slots, we've never lost. That's not by any means an endorsement, but a close friend who introduced us to the Majestic Lions insisted that they paid out better than any slot machine on The Las Vegas Strip. We gave them a try and the rest is history. You could do a lot worse than play the Majestic Lions slot machines in Las Vegas. But remember, the MGM Grand wasn't built up because of all the winners that left their casino, so please be careful and have fun. The MGM Grand in Las Vegas is definately an experience like no other.

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