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The Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas is located on the southern end of the Las Vegas Strip, next to Madalay Bay, and has one the most, if not the most, distinctive architectures of all the resorts in the city. The reason for this is obvious once you see it, as its been modeled after the world-famous Egyptian pyramids. The exterior of the building is mostly black-tinted glass which gives it a very dramatic appearance. A huge sphinx sits outsite the main entrace to the Luxor, and its eyes glow and shoot out beams of light that get picked up by the fountain in front of it. You can see the illuminations in the forms of different Egyptian symbols as they reflect off of the water as it continuously shoots up from the fountain.

This unique Las Vegas pyramid is actually about 75% of the size of the actual Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. Perched at the very tip of the luxor is a bright beacon that shoots a bright beam of light, straight up into the night sky, and has even been spoted from outer space, which gives a whole new meaning to putting Las Vegas on the map. Its cost over $50 per hour just to pay the electic bill for the beacon.

There are over 4400 guest rooms and suites inside of the pyramid. Of course the walls and windows of the accomodations are at a sloping 39 degree angle, so you're probably wondering how elevators work in such a place. Well how's this for a statistic: The Luxor is the only resort hotel in Las Vegas without an elevator. So does this mean you're in for a lot of exercise if you have a room near the top floor? Not at see, the Luxor has what are called "Inclinators". Unlike an elevator, which goes straight up and down, the inclinators have every bit the same appearance as an elevator when you get inside, but as it moves up or down, you'll feel the difference as they move at a vertical slope. Some people don't like the way it feels, but it really is quite fascinating to ride in one. Only in Las Vegas can you walk into a modern-day pyramid structure to be greated by a pair of life-size talking camels.

The Luxor also houses the largest open air atrium in the entire world, and sits just above the 12,000 square foot Luxor casino, which includes Roulette, Blackjack, Craps, Poker, as well as Keno, and a Race & Sportsbook. Another great thing about the Las Vegas Luxor Hotel & Casino is that the their "Oasis Spa" is open 24 hours around the clock and offers herbal and aloe wrap treatments that were inspired by the ancient Egyptians. Mud Mask facials, body cleansers, and numerous massages are also available.

For entertainment, the Blue Man Group performs at the Luxor Theater. There is also Nefertiti's lounge where you can sip drinks and listen to music, as well as a huge IMAX theater. And if you like shopping, the Luxor's Giza Galleria offers over 13,000 square feet of various shops.There are plenty of restarants at the Las Vegas Luxor from Asian and Mexican foot, to American, Seafood, and Japanese cuisine.....and be sure to do the Pharoah's Pheast Buffet at least once while you're there.

So if you want to experience an Egyptian pyramid in a desert without leaving the country, then look no further than the fabulous Luxor in Las Vegas.

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